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It’s hard to characterize this town in a few words. Key West is many things to many people. To some it’s their favorite watering hole – a town of wild bars (including one Playboy named one of top ten), one that rides on the coattails of Hemingway and a weeklong party (Fantasy Fest) that makes the main street one big nightclub 24/7.

To others the water isn’t about liquor but about boating, diving, kayaking, fishing or just plain swimming in a Gulfstream-warmed ocean. History buffs find themselves drawn to the island for its fascinating early days when Key West was a town filled with wreckers, mooncussers and certainly a pirate or two. Those who are interested in architecture find diverse examples of 19th Century styles, including a few that are particular to Key West.

And some are simply interested in the sun drenched, laid back, come as you are, do as you dare lifestyle. There’s something to be said for a climate where the temperature never dips below 40 degrees.Ah,the tropics!